Fo Guang University

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Campus Life

Beautiful view
Lookingout far away from Guishan Island, overlooking the Lanyang Plain, the Foguang University overlooks the Pacific Ocean, not only has the most beautiful scenery and abundant ecology with animals and plants, the good teachers and execellent teaching and learning resources make it a best university.

The school has regular school buses to and from Yilan, Jiaoxi and schools. You are welcome to board.

The university currently has five student dormitories, which can provide more than 1,900 beds. In principle, all freshmen can be assigned to the dormitories. After the sophomore year, they could participate in the lottery according to the number of beds.

Most of the students at the school are currently based on accommodation. Yunlai dormitory also provides offices for student associations. The two saloons are designed to accommodate students in reading newspapers, watching videos, connecting places of friendship, and having basketball courts. The volleyball court, tennis court, weight training room, and sports and leisure room are the venues for students' dynamic activities. 

There are restaurants on the campus (including: Drips Square, Yunlaiji Dormitory Buffet Restaurant, various snack bars, noodle shops, jazz snack coffee shops, submarine fort, etc.), and the Family convenience store provides low-cost meals for school faculty and staff. There is also a grocery store selling goods and food to provide the necessary of campus life.

Sports facilities
Outdoors there are basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, archery fields; indoor billiard rooms, pool tables and weight training rooms. A beautiful round gymnasium (Wai En Pavilion)  has an indoor basketball court and a gymnasium, which is also an important activity space for the student community. The school campus is located in Linmei Mountain, with beautiful scenery and fresh air. The campus road has become an important place for many teachers and students to walk and jog.

Social Activity
At present, the university's famous student associations include hot dance club, hot music club, wind music club, Luofu group, Shanyu Chenxi, and Tian Niqin, Orangefield Kangfu, chess club, first aid club, basketball club, etc. It is called the most in the country. Among them, the hot dance club, the hot music club, and the wind music club often perform public performances inside and outside the campus, and organize inter-school joint activities from time to time to show the enthusiastic side of students. The Tian Niqin Society features Chinese musical instruments and presents a quaint atmosphere of Ascot. The Luofu Group is composed of versatile scouts. The performance of the fireballs is even more difficult. A group of caring and patient students called for deep-seated tribes to tutor children's schoolwork and study, to accompany them to study happily; Orangefield Kangfu Society enthusiastically devoted to charity activities without falling behind; first aid clubs develop their strengths, promote first-aid technical knowledge, and serve as campus safty guard. The student community activities on campus are very diverse and waiting for you to participate and experience.