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【Lecture】 Narrative Therapy in Relation to Buddhism (Livestreamed)

[Spring 2022 Buddhism & Psychology Interdisciplinary Seminars] Narrative Therapy in Relation to Buddhism (Livestreamed)
Date: May 4, 2022
Time: 13:00-15:00
Location: Yunshui Bldg. N117
Conference ID: 999 9086 5558
Password: 20220504

As one of our most habitual means of capturing and expressing personal experience, language can reveal our subtle view and interpretation of ourselves in the world.

Can we use language itself to move away from the rigid, habituated conceptual stories we tell ourselves (prapañca or "mental proliferation" in Buddhism) to discover and give voice to direct, raw experience and emotion?

Can we transform our view of ourselves and others as mired, passive, flat characters by becoming proactive co-creators and co-agents of meaning, allowing our lives take on deeper unexplored layers and move in new uncharted directions?

Does narrative deconstruction and reconstruction have any relation to Buddhism?

With no promise of any answers to the above questions, we welcome you to join us at the final talk (with simultaneous livestream) in our Buddhism & Psychology Interdisciplinary Seminars for this semester!