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Buddhism and Psychology Cross-Disciplinary Colloquia, Part Five: Education and Motivation

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The success of even the most well-designed educational plan is nevertheless dependent on the internal motivation of any given learner. But how can a student's self-initiative be inspired?  For example, Buddhists who genuinely believe in the possibility of awakening (Buddhahood) will strive wholeheartedly to attain that state. Is there any possible correspondence between motivation theory and the Buddhist concepts of "dharmachanda" and "cittopāda"? We hope the combination of these two perspectives may result in a cross-disciplinary model of education.

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Featured Theme: "Exploring the Influence of Education in Individual Motivation"
Featured Speakers: Prof. Lin Wenying of Psychology & Prof. Zeng Zhimian of Buddhist Studies
Time : Tuesday, 31 March 2021, 6:30-8:30PM.
Location : Dept. of Buddhist Studies, Yunshui Blding, Auditorium N109.
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