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Registration for Non-presenter Participants: The 4th Int'l. Research Conference on Premodern East Asian Buddhism (and Young Investigators' Colloquium)

CBS@FGU presents:

The 4th Intl. Research Conference on Premodern East-Asian Buddhism (during the 16th-19th Centuries)

Conference Dates:May 29-30, 2021

CBS has invited many domestic and international domain-experts to present their latest research and participate in panel discussions at this year's conference.

Additionally, CBS will hold a special exhibition "Rare Buddhist Materials from the Ming-Qing Era," a collection of nearly 162 volumes of works gathered from China, Japan, and other locations since the beginning of the project in 2016.  We hope the exhibition of this collection of rare materials can result in novel perspectives and possibilities for the research of Ming-Qing Era Buddhism.

Lastly, CBS hopes to cultivate future talent in our field with the "Young Investigators' Colloquium" as a platform for fostering student interest and scholastic exchange.

* Vegetarian meals will be provided during conference.  Please select which meals you require on the registration form below.
* This conference caters principally to the region of Taiwan.  CBS regrets that our inability to assist in the visa and entry processes for those from outside Taiwan.
* In order to comply with government-mandated epidemic prevention regulations, participants must conform with the conference's protocols for the wearing of face masks and the use of temperature scanners and hand sanitizer at entryways.

Onsite Registration:May 28, 2021 15:00-20:00
Conference Location:Taiwan, Yilan County, Jiaoxi Township, Linmei District, 160 Linwei Road, Foguang University, Yunshui Hall, Auditorium 109
Registration Qualifications: faculty and students from domestic tertiary-education institutions, or members of the general public interested in Buddhism
Registration Deadline: April 20, 2021
Registration Quota: Non-presenter participants are capped at 60. Accommodations are limited and only partially subsidized; those who attend the conference in full shall be given priority.  Accommodation fees are outlined in the registration form below.

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