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Office of President’s
  Office of Vice President’s vpresident.fgu.edu.tw
  Office of Academic Affairs academic.fgu.edu.tw
  Office of Student Affairs staffair.fgu.edu.tw
  Office of General Affairs general.fgu.edu.tw
  Admission Office fguas.fgu.edu.tw
  Office of Research and Development rdoffice.fgu.edu.tw
  Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs oica.fgu.edu.tw
  Office of Library and Information libinfo.fgu.edu.tw
  Personnel Office personnel.fgu.edu.tw
  Accounting Office account.fgu.edu.tw
  Secretariat secretary.fgu.edu.tw
  Commission of General Education gecouncil.fgu.edu.tw
  Fo Guang Shan Million-Member Fundraising Campagin Memorial Hall guesthouse.fgu.edu.tw
  Office of Institutional Research fguoir.fgu.edu.tw