Fo Guang University

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Department of Applied Informatics

For the purpose of fostering the professional person which , our have the relevant courses on skills training, and we both focus on theory ,practice and to guide students to produce multimedia materials in line with the theory of learning, to cultivate students to design learning motivation and improve learning efficiency of learning content.On the other hand, in response to smart mobile devices and 3C technology integration development, set up related courses, the main research topics including software engineering, Netcom technology and culture of sightseeing, e-commerce and information security, robotics, intelligent systems, animation and computer game. The graduated students can have a good performance in the field of digital technology or networking and multimedia .

As mobile phones enter the 4G and 5G era, information applications have become an important tool for all walks of life to enhance their competitiveness. Choosing this department is equivalent to seizing the opportunity in the future job market. The department’s existing information system and smart application group, digital game development group, animation and digital content group. In addition to the cultivation of information professional knowledge and ability, the teaching also pays more attention to the cultivation of moral education and teamwork ability. In terms of curriculum design, natural science and social science are integrated to truly achieve the innovative application of science and culture. Therefore, students’ creativity is good. Especially in the field of creativity-based mobile innovation applications, it has performed well and has been recognized by the industry.

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