[Foguang University Music Salon] Ye Shuhan Copper Tube Quintet 108.05.14 (3) 15:00 Dexiang Building B104 Conference Hall

Event Name: Ye Shuhan Copper Tube Quintet
Venue: Conference Hall B104, Dexiang Building, Foguang University
Activity time: 108.05.14 (two) 15:00
(General knowledge certification)

The Ye Shuhan copper tube quintet was established in 1986. In just a few years, it has become the top performing group in China.
The group is composed of five chief members of the National Symphony Orchestra: Ye Shuhan (small), Chen Changbo (small), Guotian Penghong (French), Song Guangqing (long), Duan Fuxuan (low bass).
The five of them came from different music education backgrounds, but they created a harmonious playing style, which was loved by the loved ones with a wide range of tracks and unique and approachable performances.
The Ye Shuhan copper tube quintet has also been toured around the world for many times, and has been well-placed in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China, and has successfully demonstrated the "image of the brass ambassador".
The first album of the album, "Five Exclamation Marks", published in 1990, won the Golden Melody Award, and was even more affirmed by everyone. Then, it released the albums of the returning, the soldiers, and the Ami folk songs.
In addition, it was also the first copper tube chamber music group to be invited to perform at the Presidential Palace Museum. In 1999, it was selected by Music Age magazine as the most popular chamber music performance group in China.
In recent years, he has been active in major music festivals at home and abroad, and has participated in the activities of the Cultural and Cultural Association to go to the countryside many times. He has spared no effort in promoting the performance of the copper pipe quintet.
In the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Ye Shuhan Copper Tube Quintet, a series of concerts were held to tour Taiwan.
Ye Shuhan’s brass tube quintet has traveled to various townships and towns in Taiwan, and has pushed Taiwan’s chief brass quintet to the world’s wind music stage.