Fo Guang University


"Super Warm Youth-International, Local, Qingyin" Action Plan

The Ministry of Education Youth Development Agency

The department handles the "Super Warm Youth-International, Local,Qingyin " action plan. Please help publicize and encourage students to actively make proposals. Please check the photos.

  1. The Department encourages young people to pay attention to international issues, rural issues, and services for the elderly. Use their own experience or combined with professional skills to research and develop creative plans, and use various publicity channels to promote and introduce, lead by youth influencing youth people to understand and pay attention to related topics and use creative development related services.
  2. The related explanations of the plan are as follows:
    (1) Participants:
       1. Youths with the nationality of the Republic of China from 18 to 35 years old; can apply individually or in teams.
       2. Domestic non-profit organizations that have been filed.
    (2) Subject of the proposal:
       1. Promotion of international issues.
       2. Promotion of rural issues.
       3. Services for the elderly population.
    (3) Achieving the goal: Propaganda on international issues and remote issues. If the physical activity is handled: the promotion activity lasts for more than 3 (inclusive) hours, and the total number of participating youths reaches more than 100 (inclusive). For online activities: The cumulative number of click-through viewers exceeds 1,000 (inclusive). The elderly population service is based on the KPI quantitative data set by the proposal plan.
    (4) Application period: from now until October 30, 109.
    (5) How to apply: The plan and other related forms should be mailed to our office one month before the implementation of the plan.
    (6) The selected youth or team will be provided with a practical bonus of up to NT$100,000 to assist in completing the project.
  3. Please refer to our website ( for relevant information about the plan (including file download). Contact person in this case: Miss Dong, Tel: 02-77366951, e-mail: