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Education exchange activities for outstanding young students on both sides of the 2018 strait - Guangdong, welcome students to participate

"2018 Cross-Strait Excellent Youth Student Education Exchange Activities - Guangdong Tour"
It is scheduled to be held in Guangdong from August 16th to 21st. Students are welcome to sign up for the event.

First, the number of 50.
2. In 2018, “The World is the Public • Cross-Strait Banking” was co-sponsored by the Sun Yat-sen Foundation and the Dongguan Taiwanese Nursery Education Foundation.
Third, through the networking activities, youth forums, visits to the hometown of Mr. Sun Yat-sen in Guangdong Province and related scenic spots, promote cross-strait youth friendship and mutual understanding.
Fourth, the cost is as follows:
       (1) The expenses for returning air tickets between Guangdong and Taiwan are responsible for each other (it is expected to enter and leave the country from Macau, and the school will provide an additional subsidy of 3,000 yuan + insurance).
       (2) The accommodation, transportation expenses during the collective activities in Guangdong were received by the Sun Yat-sen Foundation.
5. The itinerary is as attached.
6. Online registration website:
VII. Contact Person: Secretary of the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office of Fo Guang University, Lin Xiufen