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2018 Taiwan International Heavy Sailboat Exchange Activity~ Welcome everyone to participate

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2018 Taiwan International Sailing Exchange
Taiwan International Sailing Regatta 2018
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Venue: Keelung - Bisha Star Yacht Marina and Keelung Island
Activity time: August 24th to 27th, 2018
Activity content: as follows ~
(1) Organizing the "Taiwan Ocean Carnival in 2018"
Deep experience of the beauty of the ocean and marine leisure and sightseeing; shape the marine sports culture and educational implications, and implement the spirit of the maritime nation.

(2) Hosting Taiwan's "2018 Taiwan International Heavy Sailing Invitational Tournament"
In line with the national new southward policy, the Australian Sailing Association and the international heavy-duty sailing teams from the southward countries (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, etc.) are invited to participate in the international heavy-duty sailing industry to promote the domestic heavy-duty sailing The overall technical level of coaches and players.

(3) Organizing the "2018 Taiwan International Heavy Sailing and Ocean Sports Industry Forum"
The International Sailing Association's Australian Sailing CEO and team members were invited to attend and participated in the event with the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education, the Republic of China Sailing Association and the domestic heavy-duty sailing yacht. Explore the direction of planning and management of Asia-Pacific national heavy-duty sailing center and the development of heavy-duty sailing and yachting industry; plan the international city with the experience of "Australia's Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race", and promote the Chinese people to sail and sail through the heavy sailing experience. Yachting, and make good use of high-quality talents to promote sports and opportunities in the field of enthusiasm and expertise, technology, safety concepts.