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Buddhist Studies 【‼️Great News‼️】Fo Guang Journal of Buddhist Studies, published by the Center for Buddhist Studies, has been rated as a core journal(THCI) in the 'Taiwan Humanities and Social Sciences Journal Assessment and Core Journal Inclusion'  by the National Science and Technology Council FGU_Honor
Product and Media Design Digong Wenchuang's final selection, Fo Da's production media won the second and third place FGU_Honor
Product and Media Design Congratulations to the students of the production media team for winning again!! FGU_Honor
Product and Media Design Congratulations! Two students from the production media department Pan Bokuan Ma Shichao were given the opportunity to participate in the Shanghai Design Work Camp FGU_Honor
Product and Media Design Foguang University participated in the National Student Art Exhibition and achieved the double-win in the graphic design category. FGU_Honor
Product and Media Design Congratulations! The Buddhism Media Department participated in the Digong Cultural and Creative Commodity Competition. FGU_Honor
Product and Media Design Congratulations! The third generation of the production media department was shortlisted for "My Innovation DNA" Practical Application Creative Competition FGU_Honor
Health and Vegetarian 2018 Hakka cuisine Cooking Exchange Competition students in the department won the second place in the student group, outstanding Alumni-Lin Sang Ji won the third place in the career group FGU_Honor
Health and Vegetarian Department students participate in 2018 AFA Korea World Cooking Contest Individual Group vegetarian package static display won the double gold FGU_Honor
Health and Vegetarian Buddha Teachers and students "Hakka tea rice crisp" and "Persimmon Q cake" won the Hakka and other road competition to win the second place FGU_Honor