Fo Guang University


Application for work permits for overseas Chinese and foreign students shall be served in electronic official documents

Letter from the Ministry of Education

Please assist the Ministry of Labor to publicize and process foreign students, overseas Chinese and Chinese students (here in after referred to as overseas Chinese students) to apply for work permits and send the work permit letter in electronic official documents. For details, please refer to it.

  1. Handle in accordance with the Labor Fa Shi Zi No. 1090506655 dated April 23, (109) of the Ministry of Labor.
  2. In order to provide smart government services and make it easier to obtain work permits for overseas Chinese, the Ministry of Labor has promoted new measures for the delivery of work permit letters in electronic official documents since January 1 this year. As long as overseas Chinese agree to “agree” to receive electronic official documents when applying for work permits, they will be approved by the Ministry after the application You can go to the Ministry’s "Work Permit Application Website for Foreign Professionals" ( to obtain and print out the work permit letter, which is convenient and fast.
  3. According to the statistics of the Ministry, the electronic delivery measures were implemented until March 31 this year. The rate of overseas students applying for work permits using electronic delivery to receive work permit letters is only 30%, and most schools have not reached 50%. In order to further increase the utilization rate, please help promote the use of electronic delivery measures by Overseas Chinese students. In addition to exempting the restrictions on the period of mailing, so that students can obtain work permits immediately, and reduce the administrative work that students are notified to come and collect after mailing to school . Those who use electronic delivery will also provide a value-added service of "Mobile Permit Information", that is, overseas Chinese can log in to the "Foreign Professional Work Permit Application Network" with a mobile device at any time. After verification, the mobile device viewing function will be enabled for employers Real-time verification and review of work permit related information. The Ministry has provided relevant measures in Chinese and English version of the Q&A announcement on the "Foreign Professionals Work Permit Application Network" ( for participation.
  4. For matters related to this case, please contact Mr. Zhang Youren from the Labor Development Department of the Ministry of Labor (Tel: 02-23801808).