Fo Guang University


Buddhist Studies & Psychology Cross-Disciplinary Colloquia, Part Two: Emotion, Neurosis, and Trauma---The Roles of Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation

The Dept. of Buddhist Studies will host the second of three events featured in this semester's Buddhist Studies & Psychology Cross-Disciplinary Colloquia:

on Tuesday, November 3, 2020
at Yunshuixuan Bldg. N109

Emotion, neurosis, and psychological trauma are inevitabilities over the course of any human individual's lifetime.  With regards to analysis and treatment of such, Buddhism and psychology each have their particular abundance of literature to offer.  Whereas Buddhism emphasizes self-awareness and introspection, psychological has made advances in terms of objective measures of diagnosis.  In this second dialogue between the two disciplines of Buddhism and Psychology, we hope to expand each of our perspectives on the human capacity for emotion regulation during distress, and perhaps find new directions for the management of neurosis and trauma.
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