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【Seminar for Buddhism and Psychology #4】- Qing-Yu Chen - From Buddhahood in the Gap to the Aesthetics of Blankness

Seminar for Buddhism and Psychology Interdisciplinary Research Project Seminar
△Third Session: From the Buddha nature in the gap to the Aesthetics of Emptiness
◆Speaker: Prof Qing-Yu Chen (Tamkang University Department of French Adjunct Assistant Professor)
◆Time: 2022.11.30(三) 下午1:10~3:00
◆Location: Fo Guang University Yunshui HallN109
◆Online through ZOOM
Seminar Link:
Seminar ID: 862 5006 7040
Password: 20221130

⊙Summary: Is it possible to "describe" Buddha nature (buddhadhātu)? Is it possible to "understand" Buddha nature? Or does Buddha-nature exist only in the realm of "perception"? When the constant flow and silent observation continue, we can feel the harmony of fusion, and we can also carry out the dialectics of "inside" and "outside" in the daily practice of trying to break away from the physical reality of "all dharmas and emptiness". This dialectic not only often wanders "between" the inside and the outside, but also "between" the discriminated mind and the non-discriminated mind, "between" the virtual and the real, and "between" the delusional and the enlightened mind. Its purpose seems to be dealing with a problem of mind and nature that can be traced back to religious teachings and extended to aesthetics at the same time.