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【Seminar Series】 Survey and Reutilization of Religio-Cultural Artifacts in Taiwanese Temples

[Seminar Series] Survey and Reutilization of Religio-Cultural Artifacts in Taiwanese Temples
Date: April 14, 2022
Time: 13:00-15:00
Location: Yunshuixuan N117

The fourth and final invited speaker for this semester's Buddhist Studies Seminars is Prof. LI Jianwei (Feng Chia University School of Humanities & Director, Institute of Culturo-Historical Artifacts).

Public awareness of the cultural value of traditional arts and crafts in Taiwan has swelled in recent years.  As we drown in information and move faster and further away from physicality and history, those tenuous, frail connections with our past become increasingly relevant yet more difficult to maintain.  Countless temples, large and small, have become underutilized while Taiwan's population gradually ages and shrinks; yet, these very temples are filled with a plethora of underappreciated and increasingly enigmatic relics to catalog and subsequently selectively preserve or restore.  How can we effectively evaluate the authenticity/value/priority of all such relics?  How can we enhance and reutilize neglected objects and spaces?

This activity is open to all interested students and faculty.  Guests from the general public are requested to register here, four days before the event.  In case of any other questions, please contact us!
Contact: 03-9871000#12812