Fo Guang University


Application details for foreign students who cannot apply for government compensation for epidemic prevention, if they meet the subsidy requirements of this school, they can apply to the International Office for a subsidy of 10,000 yuan for the Foguang epidemic prevention accommodation. 

The following foreign students who are unable to apply for government anti-epidemic compensation can apply to this department for an anti-epidemic accommodation subsidy of NT$10,000:
(1) New students who have not obtained a residence permit.
(2) Overseas students who have not yet entered the country with a student status and whose residence permit has expired.
(3) Chinese students who have not yet entered the country with student status and whose entry permit to Taiwan has expired.

Those under the following circumstances are not allowed to apply for the school’s epidemic prevention accommodation subsidy:
(1) Those who stay in the school's epidemic prevention dormitory during the home quarantine period.
(2) Those who can return to school before 8/15 but give up staying in the school’s epidemic prevention dormitory and stay in the “epidemic prevention hotel” at their own expense.
(3) Those who can receive government compensation for epidemic prevention.
(4) Those who return to Taiwan during the summer vacation.
(5) Scholarship students from the Chinese Language Center.

Overseas students who qualify for the school's epidemic prevention accommodation subsidy should submit the "application form", "passport copy", "copy of the paid registration bill", "original receipt of epidemic prevention hotel", and "hotocopy of Entry Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice" within one month after the end of the home quarantine applies to this department.