Fo Guang University


Buddhism and Psychology Cross-Disciplinary Colloquia, Part Five: Spiritual Experience
"Phenomenological Psychology vs. Tiantai Buddhism"

Philosophy Prof. Li Weilun of National Cheng-chi University will introduce the three-tiered model of consciousness from phenomenological psychology and share observations from his research of meditative, hypnotic, and near-death experiences.

Buddhist Studies Prof. Guo Chaoshun of FGU will review the "Ten References for Contemplation" from the Tiantai compendium "Mohe Zhiguan" and explain the various phenomenologial aspects of meditative experience according to this classical text.

The two Departments shall explore possible collaborations for the study of transformations and state-changes of consciousness as phenomena.

× Registation for FGU Students, Faculty, and Staff

× Registration for Guests from the General Public

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