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Enrollment of overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macau students in the 110th academic year

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The 110th academic year overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao students of the Association apply to come to Taiwan to study at the University College (including the bachelor's degree and graduate and doctoral programs). The applicable guidelines will be announced on October 15, 109. Please check the file and assist in the announcement. 
  1.   The decreed chapter has been submitted by the resolution of the first meeting of the Standing Committee on October 12, 109; the enrollment quota is based on the letter No. 1090098541 dated August 11, 109 of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan Education and Higher Education (4), August 109 Approved by letter No. 1090123473 of Taiwan Education and Technology (4) on 25th and Letter No. 1090141755 of Taiwan Education and Technology (4) on October 13, 109, and in accordance with the resolutions of the 1st Standing Committee of the Association on October 12, 109 The pre-allocation of places in popular schools for the bachelor degree.
  2.   The applicable guidelines for each region in the 110th academic year have been announced on the official website of the Association (URL: The key points for the revision of various brief chapters are as follows:
                 1) Malaysia’s enrollment assignments and schedules have been postponed due to the impact of the epidemic in Malaysia’s 2021 qualifications. Therefore, the following revisions are made in coordination:

      1. The "Ma Chun Class" brochure was changed to a middle school graduation certificate and a middle school transcript for distribution.

      2. The adjustment of the registration period for the first tier of Malaysia's "Joint Distribution" (independent secondary school students) will start from December 15, 2020 to January 15, 2021; the list will be postponed and the admission list will be announced in early April.

      3. Malaysian "joint distribution" applicants with STPM / A LEVEL / SPM / O LEVEL and other diplomas will be merged into the fifth tier, and distributed together with Hong Kong students and Indonesian auxiliary trainees. The list of admissions is scheduled to be announced at the end of July.

      4. This year, Malaysia will use online methods to upload the documents stipulated in the enrollment guide. Within 10 calendar days after the announcement of the examination results, upload and submit the examination diploma (including transcripts), and send the paper documents to the original applicant.

               2) According to the Continental Commission’s letter No. 1090003861 dated September 25, 109, the amendment is as follows:

      1. In various brochures such as bachelor's class and graduate school, there are additional reminders that individuals may charge for review fees when applying for some schools.

      2. Due to the uncertain factors of the epidemic situation, Macao’s "Joint Distribution" will not handle the "Subject Test" this year. Therefore, the "Macao" brochure of the bachelor class deletes the relevant regulations on "Subject Test" and adopts the "Macao Four-School Joint Test" and the secondary school transcript instead. The scores of various subjects, and the revision of the method of score collection (including the proportion of each subject) and other related regulations.

               3) Based on the Letter No. 1090062083 dated July 9, 109 of the Disease Control Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the amendments are as follows:

      1. In the applicable brochures of the undergraduate program "Hong Kong", "Macao", "Hong Kong Second Skills" and the Graduate School "Hong Kong and Macau Students", amendments are made to Chinese students with foreign nationalities in Hong Kong and Macau when applying for a "Residence Visa". Explanation of "Residence or Settlement Health Check List".
       2. In the applicable guidelines of the Institute of "Overseas Chinese Graduates from Domestic Universities and Students from Hong Kong and Macau", the measles and German measles tests or vaccination items have been included in the "Residence or Settlement Health Check List", this regulation is revised.

       3.  The enrollment schedule for the 110 academic year of the Association is attached for reference.