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Buddhist Studies 【Start registration~】From Language as Body to Discipline as Core: A Workshop on the Dialogue between Buddhism and Psychotherapeutic Healing FGU_Activity
Buddhist Studies Prof. Shu-Fen Liu-The Arhat Cult during the Song Dynasty: With an Analysis of the “Five Hundred Arhats Paintings” at Kyoto's Daitokuji FGU_Activity
Buddhist Studies Workshop: Perspective of gender and region: Immigrant Buddhism and Quanyin Belief in Yilan FGU_Activity
International Affairs 111-2 Exchange Students and Dual Degree Selection Conference FGU_Activity
libinfo The website of Foguang University's second-hand bookstore is online. FGU_Activity
International Affairs Fo Guang University handle's selection announcement of"Ministry of Education to Build Dreams/New Southward Learning to Build Dreams Project" FGU_Activity
Buddhist Studies 【‼️Great News‼️】Fo Guang Journal of Buddhist Studies, published by the Center for Buddhist Studies, has been rated as a core journal(THCI) in the 'Taiwan Humanities and Social Sciences Journal Assessment and Core Journal Inclusion'  by the National Science and Technology Council FGU_Activity
International Affairs 2023 Merry Christmas! FGU_Activity
Buddhist Studies Seminar:A Comparative study of Taiwanese and Chinese infant spirit worshipping: A Change in Family Structure and Regrouping of Religious Ceremonies
Masters Program Yunshui Residential College Lecture Certification
Buddhist Studies Buddhism and Psychology Workshop - From Languages to Precepts - Buddhism and Psychology Workshop FGU_Activity