Fo Guang University


FoGuang University cooperates with ASE Group to promote elderly learning program

  • 2018-12-28
  • 佛光大學 祕書室

(Report by Innovative Incubation Center) Taiwan has gradually moved towards an aging society. In order to enable enterprises and universities to jointly care for the elderly and fulfill their responsibilities to the society, Mr. Zeng Yuanyi, Chairman of the ASE Culture and Education Foundation, and the ASE Chief Administration Officer Wang Ducun, Mr. Ye Zhesheng, Director of the Intellgent Networking Department of Chunghwa Telecom, and Guo Guanting, the R&D director of Foguang University, jointly promoted the elderly learning program.
The program is planned by Fo Guang University. It includes a body nourishment course, a spiritual nourishment course, a free-living course and a health promotion course. The course is quite diverse and practical. It will provide good help to the health of the elderly. In the future, it will be implemented in ASE's Zhongli Plant and Nantou Plant, and will be divided into 2 steps. A total of 6 classes will be opened. Each class is expected to serve 30 elders. It is expected to serve 180 elders in the first year.

Foguang University and ASE hope to provide diversified and intelligent care services for the elders, so that Taiwanese society can make a better aging society. The elders can also receive their elderly life positively and happily, and further turn into sunshine elderly, creative elderly, fashionable elderly, and public welfare elderly. By the program, Foguang University and ASE hope to inspire others that in the future more enterprises will invest in the elderly care services.

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