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International and Cross-Strait Food Competition- FGU freshman win silver medal

  • 2018-11-29
  • 佛光大學 祕書室

Recently, Song Fangzhen and Xu Yazhu, freshmen of the Department of Health and Creative Vegetarian Industry of Foguang University, participated in the "International and Cross-Strait Food Competition" sponsored by Yuan Pei Medical Science and Technology University. The competition was divided into baking group and cooking group, a total of 37 students from both sides of the strait participated. Students from Foguang University not only stand out from the crowd, but also win the "Silver Award" from the baking group.

This year's international and cross-strait food competitions are based on the theme of "tea". The students of Foguang University, Song Fangxuan and Xu Yazhu, promoted "Taiwan Hakka Culture - Tea". After many trials and adjustments, they showed their creativity in a three-hour limited time competition. The "Ilan Sunsin Onion" and "Hakka Tea" are perfectly combined to complete the special flavor cake, so that the on-site judges are full of praise!

"Every contestant is prepared to play with the normal spirit. I believe that regardless of the outcome, it is a rewarding game." Song Fangxi said that although many difficulties were encountered during the competition, the teacher passed through encouragement and support is like injecting a strong heart, so that we can challenge ourselves more bravely. Xu Yazhu is especially grateful to all the teachers who gave guidance. After the competition, she believes that she will be more prepared in the future, to improve her cooking skills and meet the next challenge.

Xu Xingjia, Dean of the College of Lohas Industry of Fo Guang University, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Wu Shiwen and Mr. Shi Jianwei for their careful guidance to the students. The freshman has such a good result. President Yang Chaoxiang of Foguang University also expressed his deep appreciation for this. He encouraged all students to strive for excellence and showcase the characteristics of the vegetarian cuisine, and continue to create excellent learning results. (20181129)

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