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Fo Guang University gets a high distribution rate in 2019 individual application for admission.

  • 2019-05-16
  • 佛光大學 祕書室
According to the newly released 2019 addmission list for national university individual application, Foguang University, with a distribution rate of nearly 90%, surpassed many traditional private universities, showing that candidates and parents have full confidence and trust in Foguang University.

President Yang Chaoxiang of Foguang University said that he was very grateful to all the fresh students who were on the list and welcomed them to the Foguang family. Although it faces the predicament of minority births every year, Foguang University continues to grow against the trend every year, and the enrollment has maintained excellent results. It also highlights Foguang University has established considerable reputation in the community.

In order to let the new students to win at the starting point, Foguang University also launched variety of summer camps, such as Study Tour Group for University of the West in USA, and Guang Ming University in the Philippines. If the new students plan to study abroad, they may enroll in the summer camps in August this year. In addition, in order to enhance students' English proficiency, the TOEFL class will start in September. 
Through the Star Plan and individual application for admission, there are already many prospective freshmen on the list. Foguang University is ready for the arrival of new students in July. Choosing Foguang, you can have a very good learning environment and a high-quality faculty. Making the right choices, let your future career development laid down solid foundation!

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Foguang University-2019 Summer Study Tour for University of the West, USA
Foguang University-2019 Summer Study Tour for Guang Ming University, the Philippines 
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