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College of Management

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    The College of Management was established on August, 2020 and offers the program of applied economics for cultivating the talents in management level in international business and financial practices field, and also the program of management focusing on service industry on the main,
supplemented by emerging tourism and tourism industries to train the management professionals with humanistic literacy, skilled in business management, marketing entrepreneurship, and leisure business management knowledge.

The college of management aims to promote the academic practices either in teaching or research, so cultivate cross-domain economics and management talents with profound and broad speculative ability, and then meet the needs of continuously moving forward into a democratic society.Its educational goals and core capabilities are as follows:

Educational Goal
Cultivating talents in international management field with innovative leadership.
Cultivating economic and management professionals with cross-field integration and independent analysis.
Cultivating economic and management professionals in both theory and practice

Core Competencies
The ability of integrated analysis in cross-field.
The ability of theory and applied practice
The ability of internationalization and innovative leadership.
The ability of enterprise operation and service management.

College Development Field
Cross-domain: we offer multi-field in curriculum mode to enhance module to enhance students' diversity and cross-domain
Practice-Oriented : we offer the practical oriented courses to enhance students' ability to adapt to the workplace and employability
Integration of Learning and Application: We offer course teaching and workplace experience, supplemented by license tranining to build management literacy
Localization: we strongly focus on localization and industry-academic cooperation to strengthen teacher development and research quality
International Connection: we offer the opportunities to students for making connection to International and overseas study to enhance global vision and social care

College Features
Academy-orientedenvironment for teachers and students to co-learning.
The College of Management offers the department of management and department of applied economics. In order to cultivate a diversified, cross-domain, self-learning and high-quality learning environment. The college of management focuses on "service operation", "marketing and entrepreneurship", "leisure business management", "financial planning" as curriculum modules in professional fields such as "Economics and Trade Industry" and "International Business" to build a competitive academy-oriented learning environment.

Teacher-based characteristics in teaching development.
The features of our teachers import "industry-university cooperation", "innovative teaching" and integrate with local resources through emphasizing the connections with the industry and through practical teaching, "enterprise internship" "vocational license training" and other strategies to shape the style of guided-oriented teaching.

Student-based in professional teaching quality.
The college of management emphasizes student-oriented teaching, diversified and cross-domain training in professional competences; through the mode of student self-learning to provoke the learning motivation. The teaching method in curriculum contains of theory-based style following with practical innovative style to cultivate high-quality management talents in cross-domain.