Fo Guang University

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College of Humanities

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The dichotomy between humanities and science and technology is a product of social consciousness. Instrumentalization and secularization are also the core of other science and technology disciplines; the rapid development of science and technology has rapidly changed the mode of operation of the society, making it impossible for people to be outside, and is based on the development planning and characteristics of the Humanities Institute.

People care for the humanities and caring for the original concept of the society. With the theme of "humanity", and the use of technology as a resource, technology is added to the elements of the human society, integrating the development of both humanities and sciences.

It also has its own characteristics of the times with the "time", providing students with the scientific principles of contact, and introducing the progress of contemporary technology.


The teaching and research characteristics of the college can be summarized in the following three points:
(a) Intentional and "ren"-based humanistic care, and the collection of "righteousness" outside the school, and the teaching and research of "study" and "world".
(b) The lively atmosphere of life's pulsation in the context of the pulse of the times, the intertextual view of humanity and technology.
(c) The opening and construction of humanistic traditions: the cultural and educational fields built up in the embrace of the mountains and forests, and the legacy of the Lanyang area can be followed by humanity.