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Department of Communication

Cultivating Talents with Extensive Knowledge and Practical Competence to Adapt Future

The Department of Communication at Fo Guang University has an outstanding curriculum design of producing traditional and convergent media research, productions and professional talents that result in creating and shaping new trends of digital content through digital marketing.

Department faculty and students are constantly making innovations that utilize new media and social media to market ideas and hence change and re-shape methods of traditional mass media and communication. Big data is part of a curriculum that allows students to achieve market segmentation in the trend of popular culture to carry out more precise marketing strategies. Department courses aim to enable and enhance students' practical experience and their ability with global content marketing trends.

The department further strengthens the integration of technology application with an integration of multiple professional disciplines. In the face of a changing society, cutting edge and interdisciplinary research and teachings have proven rewarding for future employment.  

The Department of Communication Studies at Fo Guang University not only cultivates students with traditional and new media ability, but also builds an extensive and strong knowledge for students to adapt future content and digital marketing trends. 

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