Fo Guang University

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College of Social Sciences and Management

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    The College of Social Sciences aims to cultivate social science professionals with interdisciplinary capabilities in the context of globalization. Influenced by the Fo Guang Shan philosophy, one of the commitments is to nourish professionals who are caring, kind and willing to dedicate their careers to the needs of the society, including the Yi-Laing County. 

With commitments above, the College of Social Sciences has three major tasks for research and development. First, building interdisciplinary research capacities. Second, research collaboration with industries, focusing on humanitarian concerns. Third, to establish Yilan Think Tank through university-industries partnership.

The College of Social Sciences currently includes Department of Psychology, Department of Sociology and Social Work, and Department of Public Affairs.

One of the main goals of the College of Social Sciences is to cultivate professionals in the field of Psychology, Social Work, Sociology and Public Affairs. In addition, based on Motto of Fo Guang University: Righteousness, Uprightness, Virtue, and Compassion, we believe it is necessary to foster young people’s caring for society so that they will be willing to contribute to the society with their professional trainings.

In addition, the College of Social Sciences aims to promote the teaching and research concerning public issues across social sciences from Psychology, Social Work, Sociology to Public Affairs. This endeavor emphasizes the communication and cooperation among different professionals, whose trainings are from micro to macro disciplines, in order to develop and generate multiple, rich and interesting approaches and possibilities in teaching and research which concerns public issues.

Moreover, the College of Social Sciences is willing to establish network with the local government and non-profit organizations. Through the cooperation within the network, students will extend their vision and enhance their abilities when applying the knowledge what they have learnt in the real world. The people in Yi-Liang County may also benefit from the interaction and collaboration with the college and the local authority.