Fo Guang University

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College of Creativity and Technology

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The school consists of four departments: Department of Cultural Assets and Reinvention, Department of Applied Informatics, Department of Communication, and Department of Product and Media Design.

The school's educational philosophy is to develop the humanistic spirit as the goal, and to improve the students' internal qualities with humanistic education, and then to understand people's survival value, meaning and responsibility. In order to cultivate the talents needed in Taiwan's pluralistic society, in addition to the humanities, the students of this school must possess the basic knowledge and skills of science and technology to keep up with the rapidly changing Taiwan society. Different from the departments of other schools, the main purpose of the School of Creative and Technological Education is to integrate science and technology and humanities and social education. The School of Creativity and Technology founded on the basis of humanities and sociology is an important feature of the development of the University. In the spirit of connecting humanities and science and technology, we plan the development of relevant courses and departments of the College.

The four faculties of the Institute cooperate with each other and maintain a close cooperative relationship with the internal departments of the school. Through the integration of teaching and academic research resources across the school, students with both humanities and science and technology can be shaped to enhance their various Smart development makes it better than other school students.

In response to Taiwan's high-tech industry's urgent need for information content design talents, another development goal of the school is to use information technology to develop diverse information content and design multimedia that is easy to understand. In view of the rapid update of knowledge and technology, lifelong learning has become one of the key factors to improve the competitiveness of enterprises and the country. The education system must use digital technology to provide more appropriate teaching according to the characteristics of learners. Therefore, it is only by pre-training students that they can achieve the above goals on the basis of deep humanistic literacy, rich creativity, and rigorous logical thinking.