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Department of Applied Economics

Economics is a basic subject of social sciences, which deals with issues such as resource allocation and decision-making, and has gradually become the foundation of business, finance, and management with its extensive application and development. Therefore, it is also known as the "mother of business" and the queen of social sciences.” With the continuous economic development of our country, the society urgently needs all-round economic talents with cross-field integration and world outlook to meet the needs of various public and private institutions and research institutions. The department was founded in 2000 and began to recruit students for master's degree in 2001; then, it was established in 2002 and 2003 to recruit bachelor and master in-service students.

Under the trend of higher education shifting to improving professional practical ability and shortening the academic gap, Fo Guang University started to adjust the department in at 2012 year and promoted the program of curriculum. Since then, the department has officially changed its name to the "Department of Applied Economics (DAE)", and began to plan core and professional courses, moving towards the direction of "economic theory as the body, cross-field, practical, and internationalization". DAE has gone through 20 years, and there are more than a thousand graduates, covering all walks of life, industry, government, and academia; under the requirements of a complete school system structure and a stable source of students, it creates sound employment, advancement, and lifelong learning for the students. In the future, the department will focus more on the professional and practical skills in the field of economics, such as "financial finance" and "international business". In addition to creating a fulfilling and enriching university life for students, it will also open up a broader life career in the future.

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