Fo Guang University

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Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures

Formed in August 2007, the department began to recruit the first undergraduate students and proceeded to recruit graduate students in the following year. The objectives of our department are to help students understand foreign cultures and cultivate English specialists in reading, writing, listening, speaking abilities as well as basic communication skills in second languages, such as French, Japanese, and Korean. In response to globalization of the university, the requirement of the international business communication, and the demand of today’s society, the department has introduced various courses to elevate students’ overall abilities in humanities and foreign language communication. The department aims to streamline students’ capacities in their career and advanced studies by increasing their knowledge in different cultures and international communication skills.

Our department applies two different ways to achieve the goal. On the one hand, the department adopts the method of a more diversified and flexible course design, combining both languages and cultures into our courses, to improve students’ basic communication skills and further applications in other fields. On the other hand, the department focuses on training students’ critical thinking and reflection on cultural and social relationship. We expect our students to participate in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural courses in fluent foreign languages. Students can express their own opinions to others from different cultures. Eventually by incorporating the global perspective into the local business, students can pursue careers in translation, cultural exchange, communications, and economic affairs.

The current faculty of the department is composed of 9 full-time faculty members. They are working professionals with advanced degree in the field they are teaching, ranging from foreign literature, cultural studies, linguistics, and English teaching.


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