Fo Guang University

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Department of History

The Department of History of Fo Guang University was established in 2002. It first recruited graduate students for the graduate school, then established an undergraduate program in 2004 with the goal of instilling modern practice into the spirit of a traditional academy. 

The department features a modular curriculum, diverse instruction, and high-quality teaching. The curriculum consists of compulsory "core” courses and specialized elective "historical classics and imagery” courses. Students can also select courses in other departments to cultivate specialized knowledge and facilitate interdisciplinary training. The faculty includes American and Korean teachers as well as two British teachers. Not only is the faculty diverse, but the expertise of each full-time teacher in the department is integrated into the curriculum to achieve high-quality teaching. 

This department cultivates students so that they have a foundation in history, strengthens the intellect, thinking and judgment, and uses art, imaging and digital technology to transform history into applications, exercise creativity, achieve graduate employability, and demonstrate a spirit of humanism. 

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