Fo Guang University

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Department of Management

The Department of Management at Fo Guang University is committed to cultivating the management talents in service industry since the current and social changes faster to adapt the economic development by following the industry peculiarities in Yilan area. Our mission is for to cultivate professional talents in management level with both humanity and management knowledge in marketing and entrepreneurship. We expect to follow the trend of domestic and international service industry development, and cultivating the management talents with the sense of professional knowledge in business along with characteristics in operation.    

In our department, we have three school systems and each system expects students are able to take executives in various management level in the future, so the purposes for our department regarding to education are various. The students from undergraduate program will be the mainly employed in entry level. Our teaching strategies for undergraduate program focuses on preparation as fundamental management, so the educational purpose was set to cultivate students with fundamental management knowledge, abilities of practical execution, along with positive attitude toward work. The students from graduate program at least have the bachelor degree, or might have other skills, so the students from graduate program should be ready to serve as junior or mid-level supervisor. Therefore, the educational purpose of graduate program focuses on cultivating professional management knowledge, planning and analyzing skills along with good communicational skills. The students from EMBA graduate program are mostly employed at least mid-level management, so the educational purpose focuses on cultivating professional management knowledge, the abilities of gaining the insights of problem and well-planned decision maker.           

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