Fo Guang University

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Department of Psychology

Fo Guang University was founded in 2000 and the Department of Psychology was established and recruited graduate students in 2002. The Bachelor grogram started in 2004 through rigorous and thorough planning and arrangement. In 2015, the Master grogram, including general psychology division and the clinical psychology division, was approved by the Ministry of Education and the Department of Psychology starts to train and cultivate clinical psychologists in Taiwan.

The goals of the Department of Psychology are: to provide complete training of basic psychological knowledge and psychological research methods, and to deliver training on practical applications, so as to cultivate psychological experts who can help others. Based on the goal, we recruited excellent professional faculties and developed three well-organized program-based courses. The three programs are: 1) the Core Program of Psychology, 2) the Program of Social, Educational, and Industrial Psychology, and 3) the Program of Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Neuroscience. Students can voluntarily arrange their courses through diverse and flexible program module, so as to improve their motivation to self-study. The Department of Psychology also cooperate with the Department of Sociology to develop a cross- discipline program – the Program of Helping Professionals in order to offer students internship opportunities in cross domains. In addition, the master's program of the clinical psychology division offers solid training through practicum, internship and teacher’s supervision to enhance students' competitiveness to achieve a clinical psychologist's license.

Psychology is concerned with "people", so that the mission of the department of psychology is not only to cultivate professional skills, but also to foster students a spirit of "study people", "understand people" , "caring for people", and then "building up people" based on the above-mentioned professional knowledge and methodology.

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