Fo Guang University

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Department of Public Affairs

Public affairs is a vital statecraft. Whether in the domestic and foreign government public sectors or private non-profit organizations, talents for planning and management in public affairs are essential forces which drives our societal progress.

Public affairs professionals must not only adapt to the unique aspect of the public sector environment, but also need to be supplemented by the application of corporate management strategies and technologies, in order to properly integrate various social and economic resources which reflects public interests. This involves many fields such as management, law, politics, social science, psychology, finance and economics. Thus, effective cross-field integration, the ability to adapt respond to changes, and a macro vision are the prerequisites for today's public affairs professionals.

Our department also cultivates professionals in international affairs. With the development of globalization, the close economic cooperation between the two sides of the strait, and the rise of Southeast Asian countries' economies, as an international affairs talent in the new era, one must grasp the present international situation and cultivate a global perspective in order to gain a foothold in Taiwan, a peaceful cross-strait, and a global outlook.

In addition to the well-designed structures of our curriculum, the department also installed a public opinion survey research facility and an international and cross-strait affairs research facility to train professionals. In addition to the classroom, students are also arranged to participate in international and cross-strait exchanges through university-industry collaborations; through overseas internships arrangements, to enhance practical, hand-on experiences and understand the current situation of the industry. The department also offers employment examination courses such as public examinations, tourist guide licenses, and international trade practices. In addition to taking the general entrance examination and serving as public officials at all levels of government, students of this department can also work in public and private enterprises, and non-profit organizations, showcasing an array of diverse career paths.

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