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Graduate Institute of Religious Studies

Fo Guang’s IRS is a vibrant department in the hill of Jiaoji, Yilan, training students in Chinese traditional religion, Daoism, Chinese Islam, sociology, anthropology, Buddhist theology, and New Religions. We make the most of Taiwan’s rich culture, and our students learn from the country's museums, galleries, and sites of religious practice, as well as in the classroom.
Our staff include country-renowned experts in Chinese religions, Chinese Islam, Buddhism, Philosophy, Daoism and contemporary religious movements. Our recent publications by our IRS researchers give a taste of our wide-ranging interests.
The Fo Guang’s Religious Studies MA allows students to specialise in Chinese Studies, Buddhist Studies, Religion in Contemporary Society, System Theology, or tailor-make a programme to suit their interests. Our pioneering Chinese Traditional Religion MA blends theology, religious studies and temple history, in partnership with national wide temples..
Research Centres: The unique two research centres have planed to found in the institute: the Centre of New Religious Studies and the Centre of New Religious Studies also open up additional learning resources for our students. 

Objectives of the school
A. To nurture talents of religious theories who have the ability to integrate the various branches of the relevant theories in a practical way.
B. To nurture professionals in religious study and service.
C. To nurture talents for religious and cultural application.
Expected basic quality of students
A. The ability to grasp the development in the heritage and theories of various religions.
B. The religious sentiments to be concerned about the operation of the world at large and popular feelings.
Learning Outcomes of students
A. The ability to have dialogues with the religions of the world.
B. The ability to conduct academic studies on religions.
C. The ability to apply religious teachings in a practical way.

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