Fo Guang University

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Department of Health and Creative Vegetarian Science

To satisfy the needs of the vegetarian industry development, we established the first and sole program in Taiwan focusing on cultivating professionals and management personnel especially for the vegetarian industry. The aim of the program is to equip students with knowledge and capabilities in healthy vegetarian food design and preparation, restaurant services and business management to satisfy the vegetarian industry manpower needs and consumers' needs in healthy food and creative cuisine in the modern society.

The Department of Health and Creative Vegetarian Science of Fo Guang University focuses on the practice teaching of "learning by doing". Our students can not only lay the professional and theoretical foundation of Health Preservation as well as Management and Administration in the lecture courses but also build up professional skills by attending the practical courses, such as Food and Beverage Service, Bar Practice, Chinese and Western Culinary Arts, Baking, On and Off Campus Internship Programs, International Internship Programs and so on. In addition, students can learn practical experience through event holding, competitions, corporate visits, joint Industry lectures and independent studies. Combined with Fo Guang Shan’s worldwide resources, we provide the students with future opportunities of internships and employment.

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