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Date Title
Product and Media Design Digong Wenchuang's final selection, Fo Da's production media won the second and third place
Product and Media Design Congratulations to the students of the production media team for winning again!!
Product and Media Design Congratulations! Two students from the production media department Pan Bokuan Ma Shichao were given the opportunity to participate in the Shanghai Design Work Camp
Product and Media Design Foguang University participated in the National Student Art Exhibition and achieved the double-win in the graphic design category.
Product and Media Design Congratulations! The Buddhism Media Department participated in the Digong Cultural and Creative Commodity Competition.
Product and Media Design Congratulations! The third generation of the production media department was shortlisted for "My Innovation DNA" Practical Application Creative Competition
Health and Vegetarian "Crazy" 2018 Hakka cuisine Cooking Exchange Competition students in the department won the second place in the student group, outstanding Alumni-Lin Sang Ji won the third place in the career group
Health and Vegetarian "Crazy" Department students participate in 2018 AFA Korea World Cooking Contest Individual Group vegetarian package static display won the double gold
Health and Vegetarian "Crazy" Buddha Teachers and students "Hakka tea rice crisp" and "Persimmon Q cake" won the Hakka and other road competition to win the second place
Health and Vegetarian "Crazy" department Jiangshuhua teacher, Wu Shiwen teacher promotion and so on through