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教務處 (9月13日至10月9日)實施遠距教學注意事項
總務處 即日起 本校校園全面暫停開放參觀,並請配合門禁管理
餐飲交通 遠距期間    校園餐飲 / 交通資訊
學務處 教育部紓困4.0 單一窗口辦理休、退學
圖資處 MS-TEAMS線上教學說明(影片) /  遠距點名說明
圖資處 因應遠距教學相關影片說明


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Date Title
International Affairs 2021 “Share Your Perceptions in Taiwan” Short Video Contest
International Affairs GIS Taiwan 2022
International Affairs Fo Guang University handle's selection announcement of"Ministry of Education to Build Dreams/New Southward Learning to Build Dreams Project"
Buddhist Studies 6/26-6/27【苦與苦之療癒線上工作坊】-報名額滿
International Affairs Foreign students studying Bachelor degree or above level apply ARC through "online  application system" since August 1st, 2021.
Buddhist Studies Buddhism and Psychology Cross-Disciplinary Colloquia, Part Five: Education and Motivation
Buddhist Studies Buddhism and Psychology Cross-Disciplinary Colloquia, Part Five: Spiritual Experience
"Phenomenological Psychology vs. Tiantai Buddhism"
Buddhist Studies The 4th Int'l. Research Conference on Premodern East Asian Buddhism (and Young Investigators' Colloquium)
International Affairs 2021 Winter Vacation Exit and Entry Questionnaire 
International Affairs Merry Christmas to every one
International Affairs Propaganda of the new-style migrant population uniform certificate number project
International Affairs Ministry of Education "110 Study Abroad Scholarship Examination Guidelines"
Buddhist Studies 1/20~1/21 Workshop on Traditional Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation and Current Mindfulness-Based Therapies
International Affairs Lecture: How much do you know about study in Taiwan?
Buddhist Studies Buddhist Studies & Psychology Cross-Disciplinary Colloquia, Part Three: Personality, Archetype & the Ālāyavijñāna